Hello there! My name is Jonathan Solomon. I am not Jonathan Solomon, Jonathan Solomon, Jonathan Solomon, Jonathan Solomon, nor Jonathan Solomon. Some people know me as Treeb, Treebeard, or just Tree. I enjoy writing code, making music, and throwing flick hucks.

I graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Physics, Computer Science, and Philosophy in 2020, and worked as a security developer at 1Password from 2020 to 2022. Nowadays I’m just doing whatever interests me, hoping I’ll figure out a way to turn that into money.

You may have seen this meme mashup I made in 2017, the single most successful thing I have ever or will ever create.

On this site you will find all of the work that I am doing or have done, as well as my (very infrequent) thoughts in blog post form.


If you have a question about any of my work or just want to say hi, the best way is by email: me@treeb.net

I don’t really care much for social media, but you can find my band on instagram.

About This Site

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